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Down Comforters

Drift off to the comfort of our premium white goose down comforters, down comforter sets and down featherbeds including the most famous Milano, Naples, Palazzo, and Geneva down brands. Featuring high thread count cotton, sateen & silk. High quality white down comforter provide extraordinary insulation at a discount price. Premium white goose down are from the renowned Hungarian Origin. Because of the high standard management system and state-of-the-art quality control system, these products have been honored to be national inspection-free products. Protect for down comforter with your favorite Duvet Cover . Choose luxury duvet bedding sets from the South Bedding Collection.
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Color Down Comforters

Down Comforter Sets

The quality of a down comforter is determined by the warmth it provides, how serves to keep in your body heat, be allergy free, and make and attractive and inviting bedding. To ensure its durability, a down comforter should be used with a duvet cover. Not only will this protect the down from dirt and impurities, it will allow you to introduce change, color and style into your bedroom. There are three key elements to look for when choosing a down comforter.:

FILL POWER. is amount space, in cubic inches, that one ounce of down fills. The higher the fill power, the higher the quality and warmth of the down. Good comforters normally start out at 575 fill power. Better comforters are 650 fill power and higher. Fill power is also what gives down comforters its loft. 

THREAD COUNT. The higher the thread count, the lighter, more breathable the fabric, the smoother it is to the touch and finer the threads. Thread counts usually start at 200 threads per inch and go up.

BAFFLED CONSTRUCTION. A baffled comforter has a vertical wall of fabric joining the upper and lower portions of the shell. Baffles allow the down in your comforter to assume its fullest loft. The higher quality comforters are made with baffles. The baffle also allows the down to expand to its fullest loft.

Down comforters and feather-filled products are packed tightly during shipping. Upon receipt remove them from their packaging, fluff gently, and allow several hours to recover their full loft. In addition, being sealed in plastic packaging sometimes causes the scent of these natural down comforters to concentrate. A few hours of airing is required.

Hypoallergenic is just cleansing stages to remove all dirt and dust from the down. People who say they are allergic to down are usually allergic to the dirt and dust.

Alternative down comforters

Milano 800 TC Alternative Down ComforterMilano 800 TC Alternative Down ComforterMilano 800 TC Alternative Down Comforter

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