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Duvet Covers & Comforter Care

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A Duvet Cover is basically a giant slipcover
that will help keep your comforter clean. These can be stripped off and washed
more easily than the comforter itself. Its and easy way to change the decor of
a room without purchasing a new comforter. Without a duvet cover will result
in more frequent washings and cause the comforter to break down more quickly.
Duvets are very versatile elements in your cache of bedroom accessories. They
can provide you with heavyweight warmth during colder months and, with a
simple change, can be your lightweight cover for warmer nights. This is done
by means of your duvet cover. To get the most use and greatest convenience
from your duvet, you will need at least two weights that will fit inside your
duvet cover. What this allows you to do is to keep the same look to your
bedroom in winter and summer by exchanging a lighter weight duvet for a
heavier one when it gets cold. All you have to do is to remove the lightweight
one from your duvet cover and insert the heavier one. Of course, if you're
someone who likes to change the look of your room, you can use one duvet and
purchase multiple duvet covers in varying styles. Duvet covers come in as many
styles, designs, and fabrics as down comforters. They are available in
everything from Damask to Egyptian cotton. They can be embroidered, patchwork,
country frill, or city sophisticate.

Comforter Care

Most comforters are easy to care for and
are designed to last. Here are some tips to help ensure your comforter lasts
for many years:

1) Use a Duvet Cover. When protected by a
duvet cover, your comforter will only need to be cleaned every three to five
years. Also, with a duvet cover, you won't need a top sheet, blanket, or
bedspread. Making your bed will be a flip and a fluff! Remove and clean your
duvet cover whenever sheets are laundered.

2) Professionally launder your comforter every
three to five years. Down actually washes well, but due to the size of
comforters, we highly recommend leaving the cleaning to a professional.
However, if you do choose to wash your comforter, see washing instructions.

3) Fluff your comforter when you make your bed.
By providing a steady flow of air, your down will continue to loft. Store your
comforter in a breathable bag. Avoid storing comforters in plastic bags, which
may trap in moisture and cause the fill to mildew or disintegrate.

4) Redistribute your comforter as needed. To
redistribute the fill of your comforter, lay your comforter on a flat surface
and simply push the down in place with the heel of your hand and forearm.

These simple guidelines protect your investment.
We recommend you professionally launder your bedding every 3-5 years. If you
wash it yourself you may jeopardize the life of your comforter because:

-Home washers are often too small.

-Most household washing machines have an
agitator in the center, which places unnecessary stress on the comforter.

-Harsh detergents and heat can cause down
to become dry and brittle and will result in the down clusters breaking.

-If the product is not dried completely,
the fill may mildew or disintegrate.

-Most fabric used in natural bedding is
100% cotton and will shrink slightly when dried.

Should you still choose to wash your
comforter yourself, please:

1) Use gentle detergents and a low heat drying

2) Be sure to dry the product completely
for approximately 8-12 hours. Products must be dried in a machine. We do not
recommend line drying.

For more information please refer to the
following sites:



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