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Memory Foam Air Flow mattresspad

Memory Foam Air Flow mattresspad

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Memory Foam Air Flow Mattress Cushion Dual Layer

Our memory foam is two types of Foam:
-Memory Foam for support (beige) is a space age cushioning material with a unique self moling characteristic. It reacts to body temperature, contouring to your body, increasing weight distribution for maximum support.
-Air Flow Foam for ventilation (green) is an opened cell, high porosity foam for maximum ventilation, keeping one cool in summer and warm in winter for year round sleep comfort. Patent pending.

As a characteristic of visco elastic, memory foam pads will allow a person's body to sink in for support. It follows the contours and molds to a person's body. Urethane foams are different because of the opened celled feature. They don't mold to a person's body.Our Polar Memory Foam pads are special because the Polar Foam remains cool and comfortable, without heat build-up. Traditional Memory Foam reacts to a person's body and holds their body heat.
memory foam airflow mattress pad
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