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SENSUS  5 lb Memory Foam Mattress Pad

SENSUS 5 lb Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Free Shipping and Free AloeVera cover
SENSUS  5 lb Memory Foam Mattress Pad
SENSUS 5 lb Memory Foam Mattress Pad
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SENSUS 5lb 2" Memory Foam Mattress Topper

featuring the most luxurious Visco Elastic Memory Foam in 5 lb. density. SENSUS memory foam pads are cut to full mattress sizes. The SENSUS is the most extravagant mattress topper we offer. It is comparable to those Swedish products that are advertised nationally, but available for hundreds of dollars less. Manufactured with Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), also know as chamber foam, which is a patented technology that delivers products of higher quality, longer lasting, and superior comfort, all while having less environmental impact than the rest of the foam industry. Made in USA. Hypoallergenic. Topper available as foam only or with removable ALOE VERA cover. SENSUS 5.3LB Memory Foam Standard Mattress Sizes 10 Year Limited Warranty

Special Features of Sensus:

  • Sensus is a premium, high density, memory foam, manufactured using the exclusive, patented Variable Pressure Foaming SM (VPF) process. VPF manufacturing means Sensus outperforms existing memory foam products in consistency, quality and shape-conforming comfort, allowing you to create mattresses and pillows that offer the ultimate individualized sleep experience.
  • Sensus is fluidly responsive to a broader range of temperatures than other memory foam products. The result is a smoother, more gradual shift in firmness that allows sleepers to change position without hitting an uncomfortable barrier of hard, non-responsive foam. In fact, Sensus has finer cells than other memory foams, giving it a softer, more luxurious feel than competitive products.
  • Sensus also has a longer “memory.” As a result, mattresses and pillows made with Sensus do a superior job of relieving pressure that can cause discomfort and interrupt sleep. When compared to other high-density memory foams, Sensus reduces pressure to the head, scapular, sacral and heel regions by up to 15% more.
  • Mattresses made with Sensus memory foam provide the superior comfort your customers demand while virtually eliminating permanent body impressions for the life of the mattress. Even after tests simulating many years of use, Sensus maintains its feel, retaining 95% of its original IFD rating. Sensus also retains its “memory foam” properties far longer than conventional memory foams. That’s why Foamex backs Sensus with a 10-year warranty to you.Sensus 5 Lb memory foam mattress pad
Sensus 5 Lb memory foam mattress pad
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